World Environmental Education Congress


The Global Action Programm for Education for Sustainable Development by By Julia Heiss

Presentation of Catalan Forum by Marina Barroso

General Conclusion

Workshop “Quality criteria in environmental education projects”

Workshop “Quality criteria in environmental education projects”

Is this a successful project? by Cristina Junyent

Summary of workshop

Workshop “Water, a strategic resource in the Mediterranean area”

Aquatic Education

Exchange and Sharing Platform for Marine Environmental Studies by Barki Yael

Workshop “An European Network for Environmental Education. How can we create it?”


European Environmental Education network How can we build it? by Elise Ladeveze

Workshop “Climate change and education towards sustainability”


Environmental education and climate change: an opportunity to grow the awareness for the environment and care of nature by Valentina Bergero

Climate change. What’s that? by Michelle Joennau

Climate change and education towards sustainability by Javier Martín-Vide

Núria Parpal – Euronet 50/50 max

Summary of workshop

Workshop “Citizen science, the essence of environmental education and link with environmental management and research”


Implicación y ciencia ciudadana para el conocimiento de la biodiversidad by Dacha Atienza (10MB)

Tomás Diez (60MB) convertint centenars de milers d’observacions faunístiques en dades útils per a la ciència i la conservació by Gargallo Gabriel (30MB)

Summary of workshop

Workshop “Higher Education and Sustainability”


Aida Guerra

Education and Sustainability in highter education: a competence approach by Mercè Junyent

Higher education and sustainable development by Bernard Mazijn

Jordi Segalas

Conclusion of workshop

Workshop “Sustainable schools networks”


Hacia una red de redes europea de escuelas sostenibles by José Manuel Gutierrez

Sustainable schools networks by Jurgen Loones

Austria‘s largest network for school & environment by Gunter Pfaffenwimmer

Verdes by Josep Planas

Summary of workshop

Workshop “Partecipation”


Experiences of Citizens’ Participation in Environmental Policy-making by Luigi Bobbio

Experiences of citizen participation in public policy advocacy by Marc Pares

Influence of the social movements in public policies by Moises Subirana

Summary of workshop

Final Report of workshop